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Good Day, Gamers! Life's too short to argue and fight! Let's play games and have fun instead! #happythursday #SimplyNAMPOL
Monster imut ini bakal ada di game terbaru Altermyth, Cherrybelle Magical Diaries lho! #chibimari #simplyNAMPOL
Galau gara2 gebetan? Jangan Sedih, main game visual novel 'Cerita Cinta' aja di #simplyNAMPOL
Who says math is hard? With MatematIkan you can learn math with fun! Download it now on Nampol !!! #SimplyNAMPOL
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RT @marketissue : Kabar baru dari @altermyth Games Developer, WAKAMOLE games addict
Cara unik menjawab #ALSIceBucketChallenge ala CEO Altermyth, @dienw RT @dienw My take on the Ice Bucket Challenge: